We are at your side 24 hours on 24, 7 days out of 7, anywhere in Europe.

When an unexpected interrupt your trip for the sudden flat tire or failure of the refrigeration system SOS24h Europa is your solution. Our call center is specialized and multilingual and works in close collaboration with our network of qualified service providers, specially selected for their effectiveness and their ability to intervene quickly wherever you are.

SOS 24h Europa?keeps you always in movement.

SOS 24h Europa is committed to providing its customers with the highest level of service in not always favorable conditions. We are a dynamic company and we have invested heavily in relations with our partners to make them aware of the nature of your requirements. Not always the partner understands the urgency of the request for assistance. A refrigerator carrying perishable material needs to be seen in a short time not to lose the load transported We are aware and we are committed to making timely intervention.

SOS 24h Europa it is always busy to assist in the tire industry, for some years our European partners have asked us to extend our service to the technical assistance of the trailer but also the vehicle.

In SOS 24h Europa we know the importance of the request that is submitted to us and we know the network of partners to whom we entrust to your requests.


  • TIRE service

    Our service of mobility to the tire, due to the changing transportation scenario has undergone a considerable change, and cib led to a diversification of the service for our customers. We have analyzed with our primary customer areas where there has been required the largest number of iterventi in order to make available at the rescue service area highway, availability nightly shells and circles. The managing assistance costs are always at the root of our service. To ensure maximum flexibility at a low cost we have reached a series of agreements with some companies in the sector which we ensure competitive prices and innovative technical solutions. Some of the examples are only by way of explanation, our technical staff is always available to check out what are the best solutions for the customer such as energy monitoring systems at the forecourt of the customer, monitoring and analysis of the thefts in traffic.

  • TECHNICAL service

    A contact only throughout the fleet can provide 24 H 7 on 7 support. Payment Guarantees to the network of workshops in Europe, able to interpret the reported technical issues and prepare the most suitable partner to solve in a timely manner the intervention. A detailed report of the type of service provided and continuous interaction with the customer are the basis of our service. Our technical service is always available to provide the customer suggestions and search for workshops in areas not covered by the authorized sales and service networks.

  • MAINTENANCE service

    The experience we have gained in recent years on the interventions carried out on the roads and highways has allowed us to statistically analyze the incidences of breakage and can now offer our customers to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance packages for the fleets of its trailers, tires included.

    The service is modular pub is to be disbursed in strategic areas for the client without having to be forced to retract the trailer in place for the maintenance or revision Ministerial.

SOS 24h Europa

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