About us

  • Complete assistance on roads and highways
  • Active services 7 days 7 – 24h / 24
  • We are present in

Austria – Benelux – Belarus – Bosnia – Herzegovina – Bulgaria-Croatia – Denmark – Estonia – Finland – France – Germany – Great Britain – Greece – Ireland – Italy – Latvia – Lithuania – Macedonia – Norway – Poland – Portugal – Czech Republic – Romania – Serbia / Montenegro – Slovakia – Slovenia – Spain – Sweden – Switzerland – Turkey – Ukraine – Hungary

  • Multilingual call center 24h / day


  • Service 7 days 7 – 24h / 24
  • Pneumatics Support
  • Mechanical assistance of tractors and trailers
  • Towing and Recovery
  • Forwarding of the means of parent workshops for targeted interventions
  • Scheduled maintenance at SOS24hEuropa workshops with official warranty
  • Penalties?payment
  • Support with native speakers to detentions of local authorities
  • Vehicle and / or replacement driver
  • Refrigeration Service
  • Support 24h / 24 in case of accident
  • Payment guarantees
  • Payments in cash on the spot
  • Transport consultancy ADR

Network in Europe

We have a network of affiliated providers large and constantly updated.

We guarantee professionalism and reliability of all our suppliers through a periodic check-up of the intervention procedures and quality standards.

All our affiliates are specialized exclusively on heavy vehicles, trucks and trailers.


Taking in charge

Initial information requests:

  • Company and drivers details
  • Downtime position
  • License plate and type of vehicle
  • Faultiness found


  • Search through our network for fast and effective solution
  • Contact with the driver and the customer, communication of expected arrival time on site
  • the rescue conduct oversight
  • Our team constantly stays in touch with the driver until the vehicle re-starts
  • The drivers signature is requested on the worksheet
  • The driver will not be asked to pay anything on the spot


  • Our procedures provide a comprehensive check of the information collected by the operator while taking charge of rescue and those sent by the provider intervened. For all help will be filled up a spreadsheet that will be transmitted to the customer together with the invoice. All information collected is at the complete disposal of the customer.


On the road everyday everywhere