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SOS 24h Europa is an Italian company specialized in breakdown assistance for Trucks & Trailers. Operating all over highways and secondary roads in Italy and Europe, SOS 24h Europa offers Tyre, Technical and Towing & Recovery Assistance 24h/24h and 7/7 per week, whenever your fleet needs it.

24/24 hours, 7 days per week Roadside Assistance, we are at your side anywhere in Europe!

We have a multilingual call-centers active 24h/24h and 7/7days.

We have trained operators speaking Italian, English, Spanish, Slovak, Croatian, German and Slovenian.
Our average time of intervention on the spot is about 60? in daytime and 90? at night.
We are able to provide a complete and professional Tyre and Technical Breakdown service forTrucks & Trailers, operating through a wide network of selected professional dealers, constantly checked and updated.

Our Suppliers have been specially selected for their effectiveness and their ability to respond quickly wherever you are.

SOS 24h Europa is proud to claim a unique service, customer focused, quality oriented. Our staff follows all the intervention procedures, step by step, from the emergency call up to the vehicle restart. Our aim is to deal with the breakdown roadside, in order to cut the vehicle standing time and spare the extra expense of towing the vehicle to the workshop.


Availability of spare parts for quick repair goes through proper communication with the workshop which is to carry out the repair. Our staff and is aware of this and is responsible for finding the right solution.


The downtime of the vehicle involves operating costs for the customer, and our task is to minimize waiting times and provide the right solutions.


Our primary task is to ensure full availability to the customer to provide the most cost-effective solutions and minimize the downtime of the vehicle. In this case we guarantee the payment of fines or fees that the driver has to support.


  • Taking in charge

    Initial information requests:

    • Company and drivers details
    • Downtime position
    • License plate and type of vehicle
    • Faultiness found

  • Intervention

    • Search through our network for fast and effective solution
    • Contact with the driver and the customer, communication of expected arrival time on site
    • the rescue conduct oversight
    • Our team constantly stays in touch with the driver until the vehicle re-starts
    • The drivers signature is requested on the worksheet
    • The driver will not be asked to pay anything on the spot
  • Report

    • Le nostre procedure prevedono un controllo completo ed incrociato tra le informazioni raccolte dall'operatore durante la presa in carico del soccorso e quelle inviate dal fornitore intervenuto. Per ogni soccorso verra' redatto un foglio di lavoro che sara' successivamente trasmesso al cliente insiema alla fattura. Tutte le informazioni raccolte sono a completa dispozizione del cliente.


  • 24 / h day & 7 days / week services
  • Pneumatics support
  • Mechanical assistance of tractors and trailers
  • Towing and Recovery
  • Forwarding means in workshops for targeted interventions
  • Scheduled maintenance in SOS24hEuropa workshops with official warranty


  • Penalties payment
  • Support with native speakers
  • Vehicle and / or replacement driver
  • Refrigeration Service
  • Support 24h / 24 in case of accident
  • Payment guarantees
  • Payments in cash on the spot
  • Transport consultancy ADR

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We guarantee

100% tyre breakdown solved on the spot
75% technical breakdown solved on the spot ? 25% left solved in workshop
(only in case setting the problem roadside is not possible)